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User`s Manual, "APPENDIX"

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Procedures of the MIL-therapy are conducted following the prepared prescription and in accordance with operating instructions of the RIKTA device.

The Quantum Therapy program presents some collection of therapeutic methods (treatment cures, treatment scheme) for a wide range of distinguishes particular diseases. Every such scheme is a complete and independent treatment method that can be applied by a doctor to every concrete occasion. But if the doctor sees that the pathology process has a system character and the main responsibility for all, what is happening, has been undertaken by the neuro-immune-endocrine system of the organism, then the doctor should to make a QUANTUM therapy formula according to the following universal scheme:

URP + Particular Case,

where URP is the Universal Rehabilitation Program (Scheme) included into the Quantum Therapy program.

In this formula the URP emerges as a base scheme with some superimposed scheme of a particular case effecting on the basic tissue pathology zone and a zone of the pain syndrome projection. During the processing of the treatment formula, the duplicating zones are automatically excluded by the Program without a doctor`s assistance. Thereby, no one zone will be treated twice during each treatment session within the same treatment pattern. The parameter of the MIL-influence (the frequency and time of exposure) to each zone is represented in the respective patterns.

Every of these therapeutic methods contain a certain physiotherapeutic load, of course, but its main mission is to harmonize the information-energy correlation between the meridian systems of the human organism, or in other words, between the patient (subject) and the environment (object). The information-energetic metabolism disturbances can happen at different levels and stipulate the corresponding pathology on different levels.

The Program allows the creation of the “adding” or “superpose” strategy not only on the URP base. Such adding is produced the way of simple joining of two or more “Particular cases”. The doctor can come to a conclusion about choice of such way of treatment unless considers the necessary to provide the influence directly on the patient`s immune system.

Such multifunction methods carries the name of the Combined (or Composite) method, its course consists of 10 -15 sessions. Repeated course is possible not earlier, than in 3 weeks.

The Combined method is made up on assumption that a number of basic schemes are not more than 5 and total exposure time of a procedure of polyzonal MIL-therapy doesn`t exceed, in average, 90 minutes

If a total exposure time of a treatment procedure exceeds the aforesaid limit, this time may be shortened by means of excluding (removing) some of treatment zones relating to accompanying pathology from the Combined method scheme to have for treatment only zones of the basic pathology (which are marked by the Program with red circles). It is also acceptable, at a doctor`s decision, to shorten the treatment procedure by reducing the exposure time for some zones. If a total number of diseases are more than 5, then it would be better to treat these diseases in different courses using consecutive treatment courses for each disease`s group with intervals of 3-4 weeks between them.

This polyzonal MIL-therapy beautifully matches with the laser- and the EHF-puncture. Corresponding recommendations for that are given in notes to each scheme.

Instructions of the Program have recommendation character. Scheduling the MIL-puncture prescriptions and polyzonal MIL-therapy cure for every session is the matter of the doctor knowledge and preferences. The doctor, at his/her own discretion, is able to make changes into the proposed treatment scheme: to reduce or increase exposure time, delete or add zones for impacts.

This Program presents some collection of the therapeutic methods (treatment cures, treatment schemes) for a wide range of the different types of diseases.

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