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 Electroacupuncture Medicine.  Dr. Reinhold Voll 

Almost half a century the elaborated by Dr. R. Voll electro-acupuncture diagnostics and therapy method (well known as the “EAV” method) is used successfully in the clinical and ambulance practice more than in 100 countries around the World. Doctors of different specialization including National Aerospace Agency of USA (NASA) medical experts gave the high appreciation of this method.
In 1966, Doctor R. Voll, as the author of the EAV method and as the founder of the International Electroacupuncture Society, has been conferred the Vatican Gold Medal - one of the highest International rewards.
The basis of Dr. Voll`s concept is the classical Oriental acupuncture system. The EAV method enabled to prove experimentally and clinically the full interaction between well-known acupuncture points and specified organs-tissue structures of human body.
The designed electronic devices, which use the Dr. Voll`s method, provide the detection of the acupuncture points` information signals and the converting them into the understandable for a Western doctor language, namely: language of etiology, pathogenesis, nosologic diagnosis and nidus localizations.
One of the most important advantages of the EAV method is the medication testing phenomenon. Physical aspects of this phenomenon have not yet explored, however, the accumulated empirical experience of the method applications has proved high efficiency of medicinal remedies selected by this method.

 The EAV provides the following opportunities: 

 Quick estimation of a functional state of any organ or tissue system of human body.
 Diagnostics of latent infectious processes and the other pathogenic nidi.
 Realization of the pre-clinical or sub-clinical health status preventive diagnostics (that is a new direction of the preventive medical practice).
 Basing on analysis of objective criteria to formalize full diagnosis, to interpret cases which are difficult to diagnose, including cases of vague clinical characteristics of a disease.
 Medication testing including the determination of remedies compatibility and their dosage without (before) their enteral introduction.
 Selection of the most adequate medical treatment, including electrotherapy by low frequency pulse current.
 Express monitoring of efficiency of pharmacological and any other therapy courses.    

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   Accessories for PERESVET device

“Peresvet Voll” program realizes to the whole extent the electroacupuncture method (EAV) that has been developed by Dr. Reinhold Voll, the famous German scientist and physician.

Peresvet Voll
- this is:

 Education by EAV method 

Reference and educational system of Dr. R. Voll`s electropuncture, which contains exhaustive information about biologically active points (BAP): their functions, type of designation, and their localization.

Automation of measurement procedure,
which provides records of all electropuncture values during the whole measurement process. This is also an efficient system of sound and visual supporting of the measurement results: colour pictures of the indicator`s scale, indicator bars and dynamic measurement diagram are displayed.

Indicator circular scale, vertical scale and flowchart of measurements. The graph is displayed throughout the measurement, and value of the Indicator Drop is shown as a white sector.

Computerized monitoring of the measurement process appreciably improves the accuracy and quality of measurements of the electric parameters of the points, relieves the physician`s tension during the measurement procedures and significantly shortens the examination.

Diagnostic probe with pressure sensor (Built-in Pressure Gauge) by EAV method can be connected to the device PERESVET.

It is used special software for registration of all parameters of measurement.
Program controls technique of measurement by Dr. Voll and helps to remove subjective factor in electroacupunctural diagnostics.

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Built-in Pressure GaugeBuilt-in Pressure Gauge

 Polyzonal diagnostics 

Peresvet Voll provides polyzonal diagnostics using Pflaum leads.
Polyzonal diagnostics is measurements of the biologically active zones (BAZ).

 BAP diagnostics 

The next stage of examination is the biologically active points (BAP) measurements.

Wide variety of measurements Routes (profiles): in the wide range from the most popular express-routes to the specific based on anamnesis data differential diagnostics systems of organism, separate nosologic forms and meridians.

Quick determination of the required measurement points.
During the measuring, the doctor can look over the data of the point measurements received in previous visits, or, in other words, to see the point archives.


Results of polyzonal diagnostics (BAZ).
Program Peresvet Voll estimates the type of the organism non-specific reactivity, VNS tonus, functional biosymmetry.
Program displays a list of the potential "target-organs" related to the BAZ measurements results. The "target organs" sequence in the list depends on the values of functional deviations.
This information gives possibility for the doctor to choose a proper route for the subsequent BAP diagnostics.

Results of BAP diagnostics are presented as a table-diagram and totals of mathematical analysis over different criteria and integral index of a state of the electroacupunctural system (EAV pathology).

U-SIN diagrams show in energy cycles the values of control measurement points (CMP) of classical meridians and Voll`s meridians.

Visceral analysis. The Program displays functional abnormalities of the internal organs in different colours.

Diagnosis of vertebral column. The colours of the vertebral column sections and its separate vertebrae also correspond to the colour scale of the measurement point factors.

Comparison of patient`s visits with an overview of the medical history, diagnostic summaries, prescribed treatments. Pathological changes in the vital systems of the organism are displayed on a visceral and vertebral column phantoms.

 EAV conclusion 

Electropunctural conclusion. Program Peresvet Voll performs computer expert analysis of 200 disease entities with evaluation of expression on a basis of numerous statistical data.
EAV conclusion is rapidly compiled from the anamnesis, computer analysis, nosologies and physician`s comments, with differentiation of a basic and accompanying disease.

 Medication Testing (MT) 

EAV method allows to select remedy prescription on a base of the measurement results, accurate dosage definition and compatibility test. 

Comparison of diagrams of measurements with and without remedies provides accurate testing clues.


Electronic Selector (electronic pharmacy) contains information of 60,000 remedies, including homeopathic remedies, nosodes, organ preparations, composite remedies, allergens, etc. There are remedies in the several potencies (concentrations).

Peresvet Voll performs a list of recommended remedies on the screen. Homeopathic remedies have the green marks, nosodes – the blue marks and organ preparations – the red marks. These signs are situated in front of the remedy names.

The remedies are subdivided to categories by disease groups, manufacturer companies (Heel, Staufen-Pharma, Wala and other). Reference information (Help) is available for all remedies.
The Selector is switched on automatically by a mouse click on a remedy of interest. It is also possible to design several drug combinations using the Selector.
A unique advantage of the electronic Selector is practically unlimited lifetimes of electronic copies.

Reprinter (Transfer)  is intended for energo-information transferring (re-recording) of the medical properties of remedies to different carriers-substances (homeopathic middling, water, 40% solution of alcohol, etc.) within 3-10 minutes.


Application of the “Peresvet Homeopathy” program joins capabilities of the two approaches for prescription of homeopathic remedies: EAV approach and the traditional Repertory approach. The program recommendations for the top-priority testing of the remedies allow to save time and to ensure the best quality of remedy selection, with the proper dosage and dilution.

Peresvet Voll realizes comparative analysis results of the diagnostics and testing for selected group of remedies.


Recipe module assists to compilate prescription form rapidly. A list of remedy groups, their standard potencies, medicinal forms, periodic and peculiarities of intake guidelines is available.


ELectrotherapy is low-energy treatment on biologically active points (BAP) and biologically active zones (BAZ).

Electropulse therapy realizes computer-aided adjustment of the treatment parameters:

  • Treatment mode (fixed frequency or "swinging" frequency)
   Signal amplitude
  • Regulation of the pulse/pause ratio
  • Frequency
  • Pulse shape
  • Exposure influence

Electrostimulation Module

The program Peresvet Voll offers optimum treatment parameters on the basis of measurement results.

 Additional capabilities of Peresvet Voll module: 

¤ Automatic Registration and filing of all examination results by the Program that the doctor to be free from storing numerous papers.

¤ Printing-out examination results, conclusions and prescriptions edited by the physician.

¤ Extensive reference system by EAV`s method, homeopathy.

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