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Peresvet Auri is intended for integral health assessment, topical diagnostics of organ and system diseases, and compiling individualized reflex treatments.

Diagnostic process involves only auricular signal points, making a patient examination simple and readily available, and allows the physician to avoid some cumbersome, expensive or unsafe clinical diagnostic methods.

Peresvet Auri
allows to find pathologies, including those on the early pre-clinic stages, to dedicate a diseased area localization, to perform the estimation of a nature and intensity of breaches, to register of organism reactions on applicable medical influences.

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 Method overview 

Many years of clinical practice of using the auricular reflex diagnostics in cases of different diseases and specific physiological states of patients has proved its high efficiency and reliability. The proposed method of the multi-factorial auricular diagnostics (MFAD) is distinguished in result of the complex analysis of electro conductivity, pain sensibility and morphological transformations in auricular signal points (ASP).
The MFAD method has been developed on a basis of results of fundamental and applied researches performed by scientific team under Prof. R.A. Durinyan, and original studies of leading specialists - V.I.Kvirchshvili, 1966; V.G.Vogralik and M.V.Vogralik, 1978; F.G.Portnov, 1980; Y.S.Velkhover and V.G.Nikoforov, 1984; Y.S.Pesikov and S.Y.Rybalko, 1990; A.A.Mikhailova, 1992; Y.A.Tkachenko, 2000; H.Lu, 1975; H.Kropej, 1976. For this reason auricular reflex therapy has been considered for decades as one of promising lines of clinical assessment and improvement of the human health. Studies conducted in Russia have accurately ascertained the topography of auricular points and clinical indications for their treatment (D.M.Tabeyeva (1976, 1980); L.M.Klimenko (1976, 1990). This research was based on the international classification of G.Konig and I.Wancura (1975) and helped significant progress in this field.
R.A.Durinyan has made a great contribution to the development of foundations of auricular reflex therapy (1982, 1983). It is well known by now that various diseases cause reflex signal reactions at certain auricular points. From the neuro-physiological point of view, this is explained by change in functional properties of the central neurons on which auricular and viscero-somatic afferents project, conducting abnormal impulses from visceral organs and affected sites of the body. These reflex reactions result in the formation on the auricle of hyperalgesic points with change in electrical resistance and the morphology of the skin, which is used in the original methodology of multifactorial auricular diagnostics (MFAD).
The MFAD methodology developed by Y.Y.Meizerov and M.V.Koroleva (2000) is significantly different from similar techniques used in comprehensive analysis of electrical conductivity, tenderness and morphological signs at signal points of the auricle.
In 2000, the MFAD method received the official registration of the Ministry of Health of Russian Federation [Meyzerov E.E., Koroleva M.V. Multifactorial auricular diagnostics in clinical practice. Methodical recommendations MZ RF No. 2000/73. Scientific centre of traditional medicine and homeopathy MZ RF, 2000, - 35 s.]

 Auricular Diagnostics 

The auricular diagnostics module provides both express and in-depth diagnosis. Express diagnostics is based on a special route of examination that permits to use a minimum number of auricular points to get general information about patient health. Apart from screening examinations, it is possible to select the routes for a full examination over all and separate systems of organs (11 in total), areas of the auricle, or in another arbitrary order.

Assessment of electric anomaly (EA) is of great importance in MFAD. Operation of a measuring device  is based on an impedance measurement of auricular points.
The measured impedance values are displayed in arbitrary units of electric anomaly, both as scale readings and graphically. In a process of electropunctural examination the pathology is identified by deviations of the measuring device`s pointer from a position of normal electricconductivity.
On a basis of statistical calculations and numerous measurements, the scale is divided into sectors allowing formalization of electropunctural values.

A system for automatic registration value of electric anomaly of auricular points appreciably improves the accuracy of measurements.
Besides, program Peresvet Auri relieves the physician`s tension during the measurement procedures and significantly shortens time of the examination

Another important factor of the method is assessment of pain sensibility (PS). Pain sensibility is subdivided in two categories: slightly painful points (x) and really painful points (xx).

The third factor of the method is registration of visible changes (VC) in auricular zones. It has been found that various diseases of visceral organs lead to visible changes in certain areas of the auricle. These changes are accompanied with color and morphological transformations (reddening, pallor, pigmentation, vascular net, punctate rash, desquamation, nodule, vesicle, ...)


The testing of auricular signal points may be modified by limiting the number of diagnostic criteria depending on goals of examination. Thus diagnostics can be made by evaluation of only electric conductivity or pain sensibility or of both electric conductivity and pain sensibility. Visible changes are usually examined only in combination with electric conductivity or pain sensibility.

 Results of Diagnostics 

Peresvet Auri presents all test results in convenient tabulated, phantom and text forms with necessary explanations. A special algorithm for result interpretation of MFAD allows to calculate general anomaly (GA) at auricular points considering all diagnostic factors.

Probability of pathology of any major body system and potential "Target-Organs" is determined on a basis of revealed abnormalities in signal auricular points.

The internal organs painted in different colour are presented on the picture. These colours are connected with level of the points` general anomaly and reflected the character of current pathological process.

Colours of the spine divisions and its separate vertebrae corresponds also to the above said colour scale.

All results of auriculare diagnostics may be shown on both auricles simultaneously.

After examination and analysis of the discovered changes, the physician is offered a computer conclusion that briefly defines the revealed abnormalities and contains diagnostic reports and recommendations. The physician may edit all parts of the conclusion.


Program Peresvet Auri surveys the auricular diagnosis results, automatically determines specific auricular points for therapy (auriculotherapy) and offers combinations of the points for several treatment sessions.

You can use electrotherapy method. 

Electropulse therapy realizes computer-aided adjustment of the treatment parameters:

  • Treatment mode (fixed frequency or "swinging" frequency)
  • Signal amplitude
  • Regulation of the pulse/pause ratio
  • Frequency
  • Pulse shape
  • Exposure influence

The program Peresvet Auri offers optimum treatment parameters on the basis of measurement results.

 Additional capabilities of Peresvet Auri module: 

¤ Extensive help system on the anatomy, innervation and blood supply of the auricle and its acupuncture points (localization, signal function, indications for treatment).
¤ Illustrative, revealing and diversified modes of the result comparison for several visits of the patient.
¤ Assessment of the therapy clinical efficiency.
¤ Automatic registry and saving results of a patient examination in a computer memory to make a physician free of keeping numerous paper copies.
¤ Print-out of the report forms that are preliminary edited by a physician.
¤ Possibility of subsequent statistical data processing.
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