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Diagnostic and Therapeutic Computer System

 Reg.-Nо. V-06-045

 Russian Federation  Reg.-Nо. РОССRU.ИМО2.B16409 

Based on information technologies the new system allows to reveal early pathological changes in human organism long before their clinical evidences. The new technologies provide the opportunity of the bioelectric homeostasis correction with the help of low intensity electromagnetic impacts, or/and by the proper selection of homoeopathic remedies. Originated from the ancient Oriental sciences these new methods of the human health treatment are finding now the very wide applications in the medical practice around the World.

The ARM-PERESVET system realizes the most interesting methods of traditional and restorative medicine:

   EAV methods (electro-acupuncture diagnostics, therapy and medication testing based on Dr. R. Voll`s methods)
   Auricular diagnostics and therapy
   Diagnostics by Dr. Nakatani (electropunctural diagnostics)
   Homeopathy (repertorization)
   Quantum therapy (low level infrared laser, magneto-, electro-, red light therapy) 
   Expert system for pain evaluation new

The ARM-PERESVET system is proposed to use by doctors of any profession.

 The ARM PERESVET system performs the following: 

Diagnostics of the human functional state and determination of its imbalances.
Definition of the adequate therapy methods that is corresponded to the diagnostics results.
Providing the correction of the patient's functional state with the help of personally selected therapeutic methods.
 Revealing of possible results of the impacts of different substances on a human organism such as: medicines, household chemicals, food stuffs, drinks, cosmetics, metals and other materials before their active use.
Express monitoring of efficiency of pharmacological and any other therapy courses.

ARM PERESVET includes the expert system that provides efficiency and accuracy of the diagnosis statement, control and training of the medical personnel at all stages of work with the ARM-PERESVET system.

 Possible areas of the ARM PERESVET applications are the following: 

Acupuncture, reflexotherapy, restorative medicine, rehabilitation, physiotherapy, neuropathology, clinic therapy of internal diseases, traumatology, family health care, sports medicine, cosmetology, scientific researches and etc.

Providing a tool for on-line testing of essential functional systems of a man`s organism, the ARM-PERESVET system is indispensable in mass examination of population of different age groups.

The ARM PERESVET system is proposed to use by doctors of any profession.

 The ARM PERESVET system consist of: 

The ARM-PERESVET system consists of: • Peresvet device with kit of cables and electrodes; • CD-disk with Software for diagnostics and therapy with electronic key; • set of documentation.


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CD with electronic key

SOFTWARE (see below)

PC and the printer are not delivered with the ARM-PERESVET system!
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 Programs of ARM PERESVET system: 

English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Czech, Greek, Romanian, Bulgarian, Japan, Russian versions of software are available and translation to other languages is possible

"Peresvet Voll"

Peresvet Voll program Peresvet Voll program

 system by Dr. Voll`s method

REFERENCE AND TEACHING SYSTEM for R. Voll`s electroacupuncture.
VARIETY OF MEASUREMENTS ROUTES (PROFILES): from the most popular express-routes to differential diagnosis through anamnesis data, systems of organism, separate nosologic forms and meridians.
REPORTS: in a form of color tables, diagrams and graphic presentation. Analysis of electropuncture system basing on main and integral criteria.
ELECTROPUNCTURE CONCLUSION. Expert analysis of 200 nosologic forms, estimation of disease acuteness.
MEDICAMENTAL TEST. Personalized remedy prescription considering measurement results; accurate dosage definition and compatibility test.
ELECTROPULSE THERAPY with computer-aided adjustment of treatment parameters.

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"Peresvet Homeopathy"

Peresvet Homeopathy program 

homeopathic program

Computer program greatly reduces repertorisation time, saves much labor and also uses original methods based on computer technology.
REPERTORY based on Boericke and Kent and data contains more than 10000 symptoms, therapeutic directory and a system of the symptom search using key words and names of remedies.
ANALYTIC SYSTEM realizing principles of traditional repertorisation.
MATERIA MEDICA containing pharmacodynamic of more than 800 remedies.
SYNTHESIZED REFERENCE DIRECTORY for different nosologic forms, instructions for remedies compatibility, application and dosage of homeopathic remedies.
COMPARISON OF ALL PATIENT`S VISITS allowing to monitor dynamics of a patient`s state and remedies prescriptions.

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"Peresvet Auri"

Peresvet Auri program Peresvet Auri program

 auricular diagnostics & therapy

REFERENCE AND TEACHING SYSTEM for auricular reflexodiagnosis.
COMPUTER-AIDED SYSTEM FOR EXPRESS-DIAGNOSIS of a human being organism state. Differential diagnosis through different examination routes.
AUTHORING SYSTEM OF MULTI-FACTOR ANALYSIS: besides the index of electroanomaly in a measurement point, a patient`s subjective feelings and pathologic changes are also taken into account.
CONCLUSION related to the presence, acuteness and nature of pathologic process.

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 "Quantum therapy"

Quantum Therapy program Quantum Therapy program

 program for quantum therapy 

More than 150 authoring schemes of quantum therapy (magnetic-infrared-laser therapy) for treatment of 200 diseases (apparatus of MILTA and RIKTA families).
The program makes up INTEGRATED TREATMENT METHOD using a set of basic schemes of quantum therapy and universal rehabilitation programs. While making up the integrated method, the program takes into account priorities of different schemes (basic and accompanying pathology), repetition of treatment zones and also control of exposure time.

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"Peresvet Nakatani"

Peresvet Nakatani program

diagnostics by Dr. Nakatani New

Classical electropunctural diagnostics of the state of acupuncture meridians and linked with the body`s organs and systems.  
Sindromal diagnosis on the rules of traditional Chinese medicine. 
Traditional analysis, Ryodoraku-card, U-SIN diagram, circle diagram.
Individual plan reflex treatment and evaluation of the effectiveness of therapy.

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"Peresvet Antipain"

Peresvet Antipain program

expert system for pain evaluation New

"Multifactorial verbal-colour pain test" is an innovatory complex measuring express-method for pain estimation. 
For the first time nonverbal symbol - colour is used alike verbal description of pain sensation, which helps to reveal psychogenic pains.
Moreover, sex and age of patients is also taken into account during pain estimation.

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New version of the ARM-PERESVET system has found a high appreciation in clinical trials at:

Institute of Traditional Treatment Methods of the Russian Health Ministry (Department of Theoretical and Applied Methods of Traditional Medicine)

 • Central Military Hospital of the Russian Federal Security Service (Reflexotherapy Department) 
 • Moscow Medical Stomatological Institute (Department of Reflexotherapy)
 • Central Research Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics of the Russian Health Ministry (Laboratory of Functional Rehabilitation by Physical Methods)

 In practice

 • Work with the ARM-PERESVET system significantly shortens the patient examination. 
 • The SYSTEM provides for accurate and reliable results, and improves examination quality. 
 • The SYSTEM makes examination comfortable. 
 • The SYSTEM performs educational and monitoring functions at all stages of operation.
 • Work with the SYSTEM does not give difficulty even to a user without computer skills.

ARM PERESVET is a professional medical system for physicians of all specialties.

  • Monitoring and treatment of vital systems of a patient organism.
  • Authors` original methods of traditional medicine.
  • Creative approach to diagnosis and therapy based on combined use of methods and means of traditional medicine.
  • High efficiency and productivity of physicians` labor.
  • Unique computer solutions.
  • Simplicity of mastering and operation.

ARM-PERESVET - Diagnostic and Therapeutic Computer System

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