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"Peresvet Antipain" program

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At present there is only a Russian version of Peresvet Antipain program.

 Multifactorial verbal-colour pain test

"Multifactorial verbal-colour pain test" (MvcPT) is an innovatory complex measuring express-method for pain estimation.

For the first time nonverbal symbol - colour is used alike verbal description of pain sensation, which helps to reveal psychogenic pains.

Moreover, sex and age of patients is also taken into account during pain estimation.

This test evaluates an expression of pain syndrome`s components with the help of 7 factors-scales on different levels of psychogenic reflections - nociception, pain sensation, pain resistance, algetic behavior, adaptation.

MvcPT helps ro receive an integral in points/percentage (quatitative and qualitative) pain estimation.

 "Peresvet Antipain" program


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