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apparatus PERESVET 

 Reg.-Nо. V-06-045

 Russian Federation  Reg.-Nо. РОССRU.ИМО2.B16409 

The device PERESVET (or apparatus PERESVET, or PERESVET unit) is proposed for the performing of the measurements of the electro-acupuncture diagnostic programs (EAV diagnostics by Dr. R. Voll, or the auricular diagnostics, or diagnostics by Nakatani method), and also for the carrying out medication testing and for the performing of the electrotherapy.
The instrument PERESVET with additional MIL-therapy terminals can be used also for providing of the treatment courses according to the quantum therapy program.
The apparat PERESVET is made as the portable unit powered from 230 V A.C., 50 Hz mains.

Models (equipment)



device Peresvet-2009

1. EAV mode
2. Auricular diagnostic mode
3. Nakatani diagnostic mode
4. Therapy mode 
5. Medicamental Selector (electronic pharmacy: 60000 remedies)
6. Reprinter (Transfer)
It is planned to supplement the Device with new methods of diagnosis and therapy.

Accessories: measuring electrodes, connecting cables

Set of electrodes and connecting cables for PERESVET apparatus


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New electropuncture device Peresvet has more advantages than old models: 
Blagovest-Voll, MIF-micro, MILTA-Voll, Magister-800, Peresvet-900, Peresvet-2005, Peresvet-2009.

apparatus Peresvet-2009

apparatus Magister-800apparatus MIF-microdevice MIF [MILTA & Voll]

Peresvet allows to use all opportunities of medical methods more fully.

Peresvet has additional sockets for the connection of new devices such as pressure sensor, quantum therapy terminal, device of multichannel diagnostic and therapy and other units.

Diagnostic probe with pressure sensor by EAV method can be connected to the electroacupuncture device Peresvet. It is used special software for registration of all parameters of measurement. Program controls technique of measurement by Dr. Voll and helps to remove subjective factor in electropunctural diagnostics.

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Today Peresvet Device is practically a whole series of devices including 
EAV device + Nakatani device + Auri device Acupuncture diagnostic device +
Quantum Therapy
device + ... !

ARM-PERESVET - Diagnostic and Therapeutic Computer System

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