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Quantum therapy devices

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Quantum therapy devices

Magnetic-infrared laser therapeutic device RIKTA® (hereinafter referred to as the Device) is designed for painless, noninvasive non-pharmacological treatment of diverse diseases of a human being. The Device combines the most efficient types of electromagnetic radiation. It provides simultaneous penetrative impact of coherent and incoherent light fluxes of infrared and red spectrum on the organism in combination with the impact provided by a static magnetic field. The Device is designed for operation both in stationary conditions of clinic, hospitals, consulting rooms and for the home use. It is important to emphasize that therapy with the Device does not exclude other conventional medical treatment. On the contrary, combining the two approaches may result in rapid recovery and may enable the reduction in doses of conventional drug consumption.

RIKTA® device is reliable, simple in operation and safe. Parameters and laser radiation dose setting  is performed by means of choosing the laser pulse frequency, output power of the device and session time using sensor buttons on the device front panel.

RIKTA family of quantum therapy devices includes the following models: RIKTA-02/1; RIKTA-03/2; RIKTA-04/4; RIKTA-05; RIKTA-ESMIL (1,1A, 2, 2A). The present Manual covers the devices of RIKTA family mentioned above, except for RIKTA-02/1, RIKTA-05 and RIKTA-ESMIL (2, 2A) for which separate Manuals have been elaborated.

RIKTA-02; RIKTA-03; RIKTA-04 and RIKTA-05 are the desktop devices designed for home and professional use. The devices of RIKTA-ESMIL group are portable analogues of the basic device RIKTA powered through an adapter or autonomous batteries. Each model has its particular features described in detail in their corresponding operation manuals, but all of them implement the same fundamental principles of quantum therapy.


 Desk-top devices of RIKTA Family




Direct entry of treating parameters.

Two emitters in any combination.

These models can be equipped with emitters T1, T2, T2E, Douche-1, Douche-1(50), Douche-2 and IVP-1 in any combination.

 Portable devices of RIKTA Family



Monobloc with LED indicators and buttons to set treatment parameters.

AC/DC adapter

Chargeable battery.



Monobloc with LED indicators and buttons to set treatment parameters.

AC/DC adapter.

Electrodes for electrotherapy.

To extend the capabilities of the RIKTA-ESMIL devices, they can be equipped with a light-guide nozzle from the following sets: KON-1 (4 nozzles for gynecology, proctology, acupuncture, cosmetology), KON-2 (2 nozzles for otorhinolaryngology), KON-3 (3 nozzles for dentistry), KON-G (5 nozzles for gynecology/mammology).



Within some minutes the program makes possible to compile a personal prescription of quantum (magneto-infrared) laser therapy procedures taking in consideration all current particular soma parameters.

The program comprises  detailed reference guide in quantum medicine, all information concerning BAZ and how to treat BAZ, it clarifies possible combination of quantum therapy with other methods of treatment.

The program is intended for medical staff of different specialization and different level of education, familiar with quantum medicine.

Any PC-user with minimum skill will be able to operate it.

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