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"Key" program

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“Key” program consists of two parts:

 Educational module and Electronic library.

 Educational Module 

Educational module is a part of test module that

¤ helps the user to become familiar with the remedies` key symptoms, simplifying the process of  the rote memory;

¤ includes educational tests of different degrees of complexity;

¤ points out the mistakes and gives  the right answer;

¤ keeps the detailed exam report for each user with the list of his mistakes and the time of deliberation for each question;

¤ allows the users to work out their own tests that can be kept and passed to other users.

 Electronic Library 

Electronic library

¤ includes all publications of the “Homeopathic Medicine” company (that is more then 40 volumes of works on homeopathy by both classic and modern authors);


¤ is a simple and easy-to-use search system supplied with a filter mode (kingdom, thermality, thirst, etc. search);

¤ is a user`s assistant during reception of a patient.

 And the most important 

Key and Peresvet Homeopathy form common program system with all opportunities of modern homeopathy.

At present there is only a Russian version of Key program

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