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The ARM-PERESVET structure

   The SYSTEM includes:

1. the PERESVET device with kit of cables and electrodes. More Information...

2. the SOFTWARE (recorded on the installation CD). The list of the medical programs is included in the delivery set according to a customer order. English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Czech, Greek, Romanian, Bulgarian, Japan, Russian versions of software are available and translation to other languages is possible. More Information...

3. the DBJ - Dongle Block Jack unit for protection the SOFTWARE against non-authorized copying. The DBJ  unit (or Electronic Key) has two options: DBJ-LPT or DBJ-USB. The SYSTEM includes only one type of the DBJ (according to a customer choice).

4. set of the technical DOCUMENTATION (Service Manual and User`s Guide). The DOCUMENTATION is recorded on the installation CD.

5. the PC and the printer are not delivered with the SYSTEM and they would be supplied by the customer in accordance with the PC Requirements ...

 Package – handbag/case.  
 Overall dimensions - 400x300x250 mm.  
 Weight -  4,8 kg.



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